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How it started...

Snooze is a website dedicated to exploring fun and quirky stories surrounding sleep. 

Snooze started with a simple idea: The world around us is changing. It's no longer as cool to brag about how little sleep you're getting, or how many all-nighters you've pulled consecutively. Based on an avalanche of scientific studies, the world has come to understand that if you prioritize sleep, it'll lead you to be more creative, smarter and happier. Yet, few of us have any idea of what it takes to get a good night's sleep.

Snooze aims to change that. 

Our mission:

Progressive companies like Nike have tackled fitness, and Whole Foods have tackled healthy eating. We believe that we can tackle sleep; the third pillar of wellness. 

Snooze is based in Los Angeles, with contributors and readers all over the world.